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Breaking the Stigma With Snug Nugs

   As you all know by now, here at Stop & Smell the Roses we strive to help educate our customers as much as possible when it comes to not only CBD, but the cannabis industry in general.   Our latest way to help break the stigma? Snug Nugs! This unique...

How CBD Enhances This MMA Fighter’s Career

I am a professional kick boxer from Guelph Ontario coaching and training out of Guelph MMA. Kickboxing is an umbrella term that can mean many different standup combat sports, all of which involve punching and kicking. Some rules add the use of the knees, clinch or...

Ontario CBD: Recognizing a Need

Stop & Smell the Roses’ doors have been open for almost a year now, and recently we’ve spent some time looking back on our journey and how access to Ontario CBD (and beyond) has changed since we started.   Here at SASTR we’re constantly working toward two...


Thoroughly enjoyed my stop today!  Cassie was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and I look forward to coming in again soon!  See ya later pain!

Katie Russell

I have been using CBD daily as my cancer treatment.   Because of this, I have been given the okay from my doctor to stop taking insulin as my blood sugar levels are normal.  This was a great surprise as I continue my CBD cancer treatment.


I came in a month ago and had a consultation with Cody.  I found his knowledge to be extremely useful and informative.  We purchased CBD cream and 30mg CBD Capsules.  I suffer from severe arthritis.  I had zero movement in my neck/shoulders and severe pain in my lower back.

After a month of using the product I feel like a different person. The mobility in my neck and shoulders has improved by 75% and my back feels amazing.  I felt the affects the very first day I used the product.

Thank you Stop & Smell The Roses. You gave me my mobility back, when nothing else would work!