As many of you have probably heard, after much speculation and an investigation, Hemp Worx –  a United States-based CBD company – has been prohibited from selling their products across Canadian borders.


If you’ve heard the story or read the recent CBC article, you most likely have a few questions. We would like to take this time to provide our customers with some information and attempt to clear things up.

SASTR provides customers with hemp-derived, 100% legal CBD products


It’s important to note that the information CBC distributed was not incorrect. CBD derived from the cannabis plant is governed by Health Canada and is not legal in Canada without a medical prescription.


However, CBD derived from the hemp plant is governed by the Industrial Hemp Regulation (IHR) and is 100% legal in Canada. Stop & Smell the Roses is licensed by the IHR to sell all natural, lab tested CBD products derived from the hemp plant.


Rest assured, every product you receive from Stop & Smell the Roses is safe, effective, and most importantly, legal.


Hemp-derived CBD is legal in Canada


As long as the CBD product is made in Canada and is derived from the hemp plant (not the cannabis plant), it can be sold and shipped anywhere within the country. In fact, hemp-derived CBD companies such as Isodiol are publicly traded in the Toronto stock market. If the product was illegal by any means, this would not be possible.


So, what happened with HempWorx?


While HempWorx is also a hemp CBD company, it is still illegal to ship product from the United States to Canada. This is because there is no method that allows the border to tell whether the CBD product has been derived from hemp or cannabis CBD.


If you have any questions about hemp vs. cannabis derived CBD, or about Stop & Smell the Roses, please contact us! We’re always happy to help.